Each year Holt Realty welcomes many international clients in new cities. To make their stay more enjoyable and their home search more fruitful we found that many clients wished to rent an apartment or house while they search for a place to buy.

Holt Realty has established relationships with the following temporary accommodations companies that can service you while you’re in a new city.


Oakwood Wordwide – is an global operator of furnished & corporate apartments founded in 1960. Due to their size & long history in the corporate housing industry we highly recommend them. They have over 25,000 locations so you’re sure to find something to your liking.

Web: www.oakwood.com
Phone number: 1-877-902-0832
International: 1-602-427-2781


Skyview Apartments – Furnished Apartments in Toronto is a small family run temporary accommodations company that focuses on the city of Toronto only. We recommend them because we’ve had about a dozen clients stay in their apartments in downtown Toronto and everyone was extremely satisfied with their services. They were very friendly, prompt and on several locations they helped our buyers find their way around the city & find their appointment locations. Overall they’re a great company to speak with in Toronto.

Web: www.furnishedapartmentstoronto.com
Phone number: +1 888 787-7829


Montreal Stays – Montreal Stays is a very unique company. They are mid-sized (not too small & not to big) therefore they offer plenty of options for rentals in downtown & old city Montreal. We’ve had clients stay with them and they were happy. We only had a problem with them once – a client was not happy with their room – but they were quite nice and offered to change the apartment & even gave them an upgrade. Overall a great option for Montreal and we’d be happy to arrange a stay with them on your behalf.

Web: www.montrealstays.com
Phone: +1 514 277 6464


CityBase – Citybase itself is not an operator of rentals but rather provide a booking service for customers looking for accommodations in the busy city of London. We normally recommend Citybase because they are quite large and offer a large selection of apartments, houses, lofts and can therefore be more flexible to accommodate our clients needs.

Web: www.citybaseapartments.com
Tel: +44 (0) 845 226 9831